Gaetano Impoco, Ph.D.

Researcher in Image Analysis and applications

Welcome! This is the personal website of Gaetano Impoco, computer scientist. Surfing these pages you will find my bio and publications, as well as a few resources. If you stumbled upon this page, you are probably looking for my software for pore detection and analysis in microscopy. Here's a direct link.

My main research interests currently span all over Image Analysis and its applications, mainly to food macroscopic (e.g., x-ray) and microscopic images (CLSM, SEM, ...). In the past I worked on medical image processing and analysis, and I am still interested on that topic. More details on this page.

Contact Info

S.P. 25 Km 5, Ragusa Mare
I-97100, Ragusa - Italy

phone phone: +39 0932 660 463
fax: +39 0932 660 448 (449)

e-mail gaetano @ impoco.it

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